​​​Integrated Fuel Management provides the hardware and custom software solutions to very accurately monitor tank levels of any size or configuration. We use standard, off the shelf PLC or Windows platforms and sometimes a combination of both for high resolution and remote displays.

Our vast transducer knowledge comes from many hours of sensor data logging and sensor bench testing. Data logging tests sensors for short term drift stablity as well as accuracy and linearity before installation in the field. System accuracy starts with the tank sensors. We can install submersible sensors or external tank sensors as required by the application. Our many years of experience with current loop data transmission and an academic approach to system design and troubleshooting give us the edge in shipboard data aquistion.

Our electronic hardware incorporates standard PLC based technology and is DIN rail mounted for easy replacement and a small physical footprint. This hardware is easily expandable and can monitor any engine, generator, or electical functions as well as tank levels. Discrete outputs provide control functions where needed. Information is presented on compatible touch screen monitors which can communicate with the ship's IT network via Ethernet.

Full system documentation: A complete set of CAD drawings, Theory of Operation, and Troubleshooting Guide will be presented after system repair or installation to facilitate future upgrades or repair operations.

For assistance with monitoring issues please call   954/254-6370 or                  e-mail us at www.integratedfuel2.@gmail.com
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​A comprehensive knowledge base of the technology allows us to:

  • Analyze your system
  • Effect repairs
  • Upgrade
  • Install new system
  • Document system